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The Middletons Join Prince Harry at England v. Australia Rugby Game

Saturday, October 3, 2015

We are loooong overdue for a Middleton sighting, so I was delighted to see that Carole, Michael, and James were at Twickenham today to watch the England v. Australia match. They were seated one row in front of a very enthusiastic Prince Harry.

I am not sure who the redhead with James is. Perhaps a friend or relative? Maybe one of you all has an idea? Let me (and the rest of us) know in the comments, if you do!  As always, Carole looks ridiculously chic. I am trying to figure out what scarf she is wearing.

BBC Sports News tells me that England was, more or less, crushed and are now out of the competition. I should not have had to Google that, though, because Carole really told the tale. I have said it before, and will say it again: we know from whom Kate gets her expressive game-face. I love these shots. The resemblance between the two is so apparent here. (P.S. is that Guy Pelly behind her?)

It was not a good game...

It looks like Carole is wearing a gilet with a latch-clasp. That which is visible feels very Ralph Lauren.

I just still love to relish these moments. My propensity to gloat over the Middletons' success must speak to a personality flaw, but I do love to remember how this family was excoriated in the press for so many years and here they are...their daughter is a princess, a duchess, a global super-star, and they are grandparents of the future king. Ahhh, he who laughs last, laughs best. It was worth the wait.

So, loss for England, but win for Royal/Middleton fans. You really must look for the silver linings in life. :)

Mystery Sighting: Princess Kate Spotted With Prince William

Thursday, October 1, 2015

We have a bit of a mystery this evening. Prince William made two public appearances today, at neither of which did Kate join him, and yet it seems princess was spotted traveling with him in his Range Rover. In an Instagram post, Rachel Jordan shared a snap of the Duke and Duchess ostensibly on their way to the rugby game Prince William attended. It is disputed whether or not it was Kate sitting next to Prince William in the car, and the Duchess was not next to him in the booth.


This is not the first time this situation has come up. I am fruitlessly racking my brain for other instances, but I know there have been several where Kate has been supposedly spotted with William before an event at which she was not publicly visible. I think that public events are very taxing on Kate. The scrutiny she is under is intense and, for better or worse, when Kate is out she IS the news. It seems like a bit of a balance for the royals to use their star so that she can be active, but also I think they are careful that she does not feel over-exposed and that the headlines aren't always dominated by "what Kate wore!" 

It has been suggested that the two may have been coming or going from another private event. I don't know what the timing of this photo is--whether it was five minutes before William showed up at the game, or if there were several hours between this photo and the rugby game. So, it is hard to deduce whether Kate was with him at the stadium or if this was a separate event. I will update if more details emerge. 

Wales Rugby Online

Meanwhile, if it is the duchess, what did Kate wear? Red, apparently, but beyond that it is hard to say. It looks like a draped neckline and relatively formal. I don't think I can think of anything in her closet that resembles this. Again, updates will be forthcoming as I dig a little deeper. 

Earlier in the day, William was in Cardiff, Wales launching the Coach Core Welsh Rugby Union program.

The Royal Foundation heads up the Coach Core Program, and William, Harry, and Kate officially launched it in 2012.

If you didn't hear, William and Kate announced a joint-engament today. They will visit Mind, a charity that works in mental health, on October 10th. Kate seems to be making good the promise her team made that she would be spending her autumn working in the mental health field. I can't wait for the 10th! 

Big thanks to Ashley, who alerted me to the photo of Kate!

As most are probably aware by now, Rebecca English of the Daily Mail has denied the woman next to William is Kate. There is a single feature of the photo that makes me think this might be the case. The resemblance is remarkable, and makes me suspect that it is Rebecca Deacon sitting next to William. I saw a lot of comments thinking this was a case of lookalikes, but I assure this is not the case. It is William, and all that remains to be definitively determined is whether or not the woman is Kate. The balance right now is against it being Kate, which would explain the mystery of why she didn't show up next to him at the game. 

Launching a New Project...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello, everyone! I know you think I am here to to remind everyone that Paris Fashion Week kicked off today! (That is definitely on my mind, but not the reason I am blogging tonight) I am so pleased to pop in tonight to tell you all that a project that has been in my mind for some months is finally kicking into gear a little more! Today, I am launching the Kate's Clothes Contributors. As you know, a little over a year ago I began the long process of building Kate's Clothes: the Online Encyclopedia of Kate's Fashion!

When I first envisioned the site, I had wanted to build it so other voices could get involved. I wanted to provide a platform for Kate fans to write or contribute pieces or ideas, whether that was as a single submission or as a regular contributor. As someone who has an addiction to writing and producing content, I know how much I want to write, but I also know how much work and expense is involved in maintaining blogs/websites and producing the content that can build a steady, global audience. The Kate's Clothes Contributor project will allow writers without the time (or inclination to be that invested) an audience and a voice--and just the opportunity to write and be read--without having to go the route of a full blog! It is something I would have loved before I started blogging, and I hope others find it enjoyable, too.

Today, I am excited to welcome Amanda Leonor who has written an awesome post about Pantone's new color of the year! She has pulled together some beautiful pieces inspired by one of Kate's favorite colors! I hope you pop over to Kate's Clothes and enjoy the post!!

...and, Happy Shopping! ;) 

New Picture of Princess Charlotte with Nanny Maria & Prince George

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Princess Charlotte marked an (infamous) milestone today as the first paparazzi picture of the little royal was shared by Woman's Day Australia. The adorable Charlotte was photographed tucked into the protecting arms of Nanny Maria on the lawn of Kensington Palace. 

The article says that Nanny Maria, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte were watching a helicopter carrying Princess Anne land on the lawn. I think that George must be a big helicopter fan--as would be natural--because I am not entirely sure why they would be out watching it land if that were not the case. Certainly, sweet George looks pretty intent upon the process, while Charlotte seems to be more interested in enjoying the autumn air. 

I am very excited to see another photo of her, but my gosh, the genes are strong in this family. She looks just like George did around her age...

...and frankly, just like mummy Kate:

I think she looks a lot like Granny Carole, and I suspect as time goes on we will see more Middleton resemblance. George looked a lot like Pippa for some time, although he has started to show Windsor traits since. You can see the Woman's Day article here

I am aware that there are mixed opinions about these photos. When it comes to paparazzi shots, I generally judge on a case by case basis. I found nothing problematic with these shots, although I have expressed significant concern regarding the terrorist issues related to certain tactics used to get some photos. Furthermore, saint or sinner, I cannot stand a hypocrite. I was excited to see these photos, and I "clicked." If I am willing to look, I would feel like an elitist if I made a decision for you, to which I was unwilling to adhere myself. If I am interested enough to look, I will share it with you. I know some of my readers have skipped this post, and I appreciate their right to do so. For myself, I am notoriously lacking in self-control. Do not leave a box of toffee unattended around me, I am not joking. :) For those still reading, all I can say is, isn't she adorable? 

We will be back in a  few days with "regular programming."